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heat death of the universe

Video Unity tutorial series on Youtube. I have plans for basic Photoshop and Maya tutorials as well. 01

2018 FEB

Most recently I was working on a Google DayDream VR project, code-name: „Magic Garden”. 02

2017 OCT

Prototyping Move and Shoot 03

Prototyping BFRocket 04

2017 SEPT

Developing PaintballPop, from design to publishing and marketing 05

Working on the CazaBros brand from website to social media pages 06

2017 APR

Prototyping and learning more about the Game Design, Unity engine, 3D modeling, 3D/2D animations, Sound Effects, etc. 07

2017 FEB

Started working fulltime on video game development 08

Santa's Toy Workshop. My first ever published game, made from concept to publishing in 6 weeks, while learning for the first time about Unity engine and Maya. 07

2016 NOV

Biometric Security Software developer 09

2015 MAR

Oracle application developer 10

2014 FEB

IT HelpDesk Assistant at Southamton Solent University 11

2010 FEB

Bsc Computer Science at Southamton Solent University 12

2009 SEP
Big Bang

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